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Midwifery care is based on a respect for pregnancy as a state of health and childbirth as a normal physiologic process and a profound event in a woman's life.

Midwifery care respects the diversity of women's needs and the variety of personal and cultural meanings, which women, families and communities bring to the pregnancy, birth, and early parenting experience.

The maintenance and promotion of health throughout the childbearing cycle are central to midwifery care. Midwives focus on preventive care and the appropriate use of technology.

Care is continuous, personalized and non-authoritarian. It responds to a woman's social, emotional and cultural as well as physical needs.

Midwives respect the woman's rights to choice of caregiver and place of birth in accordance with the Standards of Practice of the College of Midwives. Midwives are willing to attend birth in a variety of settings, including birth at home.

Midwives encourage the women to actively participate in her care throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum period and make choices about the manner in which her care is provided.

Midwives care includes education and counseling, enabling a woman to make informed choices.

Midwives promote decision-making as a shared responsibility, between the woman, her family (as defined by the woman) and her caregivers. The woman is recognized as the primary decision maker.

Midwives regard the interests of the woman and the fetus as compatible. They focus their care on the mother to obtain the best outcomes for the woman and her newborn.

Fundamental to midwifery care is the understanding that a woman's caregivers respect and support her so that she may give birth safely, with power and dignity.

What is meant by "Informed Choice"?

"Informed Choice" suggests that any choices or decisions made by a person have been based on an understanding of available and relevant information. At Sages-femmes Renaissance Midwifery, we will do our utmost to provide you with information in order to assist you with your decision making process both while preparing for and following your baby's birth. This information may include potential benefits and risks, alternative or complementary procedures, tests and medications, relevant research evidence, and community standards and practices.

Our Practice

All midwives providing care in our practice are registered with the College of Midwives of Ontario. We are also members of the Association of Ontario Midwives. We work within a model of 'shared care'; therefore you will receive care from three midwives. This model ensures that you will be familiar with the midwives who attend your birth, and these midwives will be familiar with you and your needs. Shared care supports a rotation call schedule for the midwives, which minimizes the need to cancel clinic appointments, allows for provisions for simultaneous births, and provides protected off call time for midwives.

Prenatal Care

Adequate prenatal care is required for all women preparing for birth. This is a safeguard for your health, offering you the possibility to learn about the changes your body goes through as pregnancy advances. Our care includes monitoring blood pressure, fetal growth, heart rate and position, urinalysis and the general health of mother and baby. We expect to see all clients at least once a month until the twenty-eighth week, every second week until the thirty-sixth week and once a week thereafter. If you developed any complications in a previous pregnancy, we request that you obtain records of your birth from the midwife or physician who provided your care. We will do your blood work and any other relevant testing during the prenatal period. You will be given an appointment card, which records your upcoming appointments. If you need to cancel your appointment, please call the office administrator and she will assist you. Your family and friends are welcome to attend clinic with you.

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