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I came across this poem and thought that it described the amazing group of women that I had the pleasure of meeting.

She is the mother of mothers. A practitioner of the old ways. The wise ways. The back-in-the, those-were-the-days days. When women were revered as the goddesses they are. She is solace to the not-yet-mother. She is the one who helps us to remember who we are and what we stand for. She aims to empower the WOMAN in all of us. She reminds us to listen to our bodies because they already know. And mostly, she reminds us of the utter miracle that is birth, and woman’s indelible role in the miracle. She is support, patience, and strength when the mother falls weak. She reminds us that our power lies within. The bridge between womb and world rest in her knowing hands as she delivers creation. Assuming the role a select few have the honour of performing, she transforms girl into woman and woman into mother. She is truly a wise woman in all respect of the word. She is a Midwife. She forever touches the hearts of the people she cares for.

Thank you Krystie, Kelly, Mylene, Anne, and Rebecca you have done more than you know.

Vilma and Foti Zannis - Stevensville

My life has been forever changed by the influence and experience of this group of women. In 2003, I was introduced to midwifery as an alternative to OB care. The knowledge and empowerment I gained through having my daughter with Team A, gave me what I needed to bring into the world two more beautiful babies. So after 3 kids and 2 home births, I have found a passion for midwifery, breast feeding, and natural methods of prenatal, infant, and child care. I have been so supported and educated by the Renaissance Midwives so I am currently certifying myself as a Doula and prenatal educator. I cannot advocate and recommend their care enough. Entrusting my care and family to the midwives has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. My hope is that more women would embrace the power and miracle of natural child birth and see that midwifery is one of the best gifts you could ever give your growing family. Thank you to everyone for everything you have done for me and my children.

Laura Heath - Niagara Falls

I am from the States where midwifery care is scarce and often scoffed at, and what a shame! Midwives are called "wise women" for a reason.

Most women I know speak of their birthing experience as an excrutiating one filled with fear, pain and unknowing. With light and guidance from Annie, in particular, I was given the opportunity to have confidence in what my body could do. My birthing experience with Ali and Sarah was nothing short of amazing. The birth of my first born, in the comfort of my own home despite "problems" I seemed to have in an OB's eyes is proof of these women's capabilities.

I am eternally grateful for this entire experience. Their sensitivity, wisdom beyond anything textbook, constant dedication and belief in birth has changed me for life.

Thank you so much Team A. Thank you so much to the girls up front and your peaceful, tranquil `lobby` complete with soul-catching, moving music and scented candles. Thank you for the natural lighting and absence of fluorescent lights. Thank you for kissing my son every time you greeted him during our post partum home visits. Thank you for wanting to hold him and pass him around during clinic. Thank you Ali for laughing when Joel pooped on your scale. Thank you Anne. You felt like a mother to me. Thank you Kelly for giving me your phone number just in case I needed you. Thank you Mylene. I didn`t see much of you, but I felt your warmth when you helped Sarah with the one little stitch I had right after the birth and when you were trying to get me to pee! Annie, again, thank you so much. You saw something in me that was always there. You helped me believe in me all over again. Your intuition is a powerful is a powerful gift and I am lucky to have been touched by you. Thank you all for not treating me like patient, but as a sister or friend. Thank you for listening. Thank you for the facts for my partner and thank you for believing in me.

I thought I was a one baby woman, but this who;e experience has made me see birth, children and love in an entirely new perspective. I actually would be honoured to give birth again if given the chance and no doubt about it, would ask the midwives for their loving guidance. Again, I am eternally grateful.

Tracy Cunningham - Niagara Falls

I was so excited to know that Welland had a midwifery team. Being my first pregnancy, I was very scared and had no idea what to expect. As soon as I walked into the office I knew that the people there were going to take care of my family. The whole team at Renaissance made me feel like I was part of a big family. We want to teach our children about family and love. What a great time to start! Everything went so well and I have to thank Meagan (a midwifery student at the time) and Krystie who were there for the birth of our son Kevyn Robert on July 2nd. They made us feel so comfortable and coached me through a natural birth! Which I was hoping to achieve. Thank you Krystie, Kelly, Mylene & Anne! I look forward to having more babies under your care!

Meghan Elgersma - Welland

We had all 3 of our children with the help of Renaissance and we would not have chosen to give birth with anyone else. The personalized care that you receive from the ladies is wonderful. We had our first two children in the hospital and our third at home. The midwives help to make birth a pleasant experience rather than a fearful one. We are greatful for their guidance and kindness.

The McNeils - Thorold

On March 15th 2008 we brought Mason into this world with the help of Annie and staff at the Welland Hospital. Mason decided to come 3 weeks early with an emergency situation, Annie didn't hesistate to come to our home that evening to take care of us. Even though Mason's arrival didn't go as we had planned Annie was there the whole way through, even with a Emergency C-section.

I am confident that if any situation would arise any member of the midwifery team could handle it. I can never repay Annie for what she has done for us as if it wasn't for her Mason or I really might not be here. So we are very thankful for everything they did for us. Overall the midwife experience was positive and enjoyable memory .Thanks again Annie, Ali, Anne! Hopefully see you soon!

Kristen Kelly-Skulj - Welland

On Feb 13 Reaghan was born at Niagara Falls Hospital...i called ann at 7 am and was told to meet her and Amber at 8am..when i got there they checked me out and told me it would be a while so i walked the 3pm i went in the hot tub and it worked like a charm..Amber was there the hole time making sure i was ok.. at 7:32 pm Reaghan was born...
We are so greatful for Ann Amber and Kelly and the care that i recived from the A team was amazing all the girls made sure that you knew you had options and what they were..if you had questions they were right there with an answer.. when we came home it was so comforting...Reaghan was not ganning weight and we were worried..Myleene was a big help giving me ideas and after a couple of days she was ganning..Thank you all so much for all you love and support...having a widwife is the best thing we could of ever done... thank you again.

Meaghan Passero - Fort Erie

There aren't enough words to describe how incredible these women really are. You cannot receive more supportive and informative care anywhere else. I wouldn't have made it through those 9 months and the 6 weeks postpartum without these incredible women. Thank you for setting such an incredible standard of pre- and post-natal care. I hope that one day others will follow so that all women have the opportunity to be cared for in this manner.

LeeAnn Hall - Niagara Falls

We loved our midwife experience. We started off with our family doctor and quickly realized it wasn’t the path for us with the pregnancy. Even though things did not go as planned (had to be medically induced after 8 days of contractions that never got closer than 5 minutes) the midwives kept us well informed throughout the whole process and we could not have asked for a better birth!

Now we just wish that midwives could look after Lucas until he was an adult!

The Coates Family - Fort Erie

On Saturday May 23rd we welcomed Ariya Johanna into the world. Ariya was my second child born with the amazing help of the ladies of Renaissance Midwifery Clinic. In some ways it seems like my journey is complete. My first child Sebastian, who was born via C-section, my second child Quentin, a VBAC with the help of forceps, and Ariya a VBAC with no complications! WOO HOO.

Thank you just dosen’t seem sufficient, but it needs to be said. Anne & Annie thank you for the excellent care before and after my birth. You both always took time to ease my mind and answer any questions I had. Ali & Mylene the second one was the charm! You both saw me through Quentin’s birth and did only seem right that you were both there to catch Ariya and bring her into the world.

Ali, you empowered me to do what I thought at one point was impossible and I could not have done it without you. I said it that night and I will say it again, I love you!

Lynn Schmidt - Fort Erie

Looking back at our whole experience of being pregnant and post partum I know we had the absolute best care. Our team was so supportive and knowledgeable. We felt comfortable asking questions and they kept us well informed. They were awesome when it came to labour and delivery once again supportive and always looking out for my best interest. They were also very helpful during post partum healing and baby care. I really appreciated their visiting us at home.

We are so thankful we had such great midwives looking after us and that in the end we were blessed with our healthy baby boy Lloyd. He's a precious gift!

The Eden Family - Welland

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